I like to spend my days in a laid back fashion, not that I never work hard.  Rather, I like to approach each day with a lack of hustle and urgency that seems to fill our current society.

Welcome to  A Country Girl’s Heart ~ Beats that Matter

This farm is a work in progress as am I.

The blog shares many aspects of what life on a farm and homestead might encompass.  From treasured books and music to various species of animals for blessing ones heart and providing food on the table. From the importance of relationships including spiritual, family and friends to ideas new and old of how to produce, preserve, and cook home raised vegetables and fruits.  Traveling to connect with others, see new places and the beauty of the wonderful world we live in adds a twist to the homesteading journey.

The farm pages provide info on the animals we raise and at times have available for purchase. Currently three rare Heritage breeds of Chickens are under development. Horses have long been close to my heart and continue to be a part of my existence.

We are learning as we go, after all the fun is in the details, not the destination. Subscribe and join the journey. Read our disclosure policy here.


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