Banff National Park

In Canada, Highway 1 runs from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC through Banff National Park.  In an effort to protect the wild life from humans and vise-versa a tall fence has been constructed to keep wild life off the highway.  “Natural” over passes have been created so animals can cross from one side of the highway to the other.  Underpasses exist for the wild life, as well, but I did not get a picture of those.

I had never seen an animal overpass in person before.  I was excited and enjoyed the beauty they added.

Each mountain range had its own look.

The Three Sisters

We found a rest stop that allowed me to capture a little of the beauty in Banff National Park.

Along with a place to pull off the road, there were primitive wash rooms.

Here a nice display described the program to help keep the park wild life segregated from the travelers.  A scaled down version of under and over passes gave kids and grown ups alike a place to stretch their legs.

Another picture from our drive through Banff National Park.

We stopped  two places at Lake Louise and town of Banff.  In the town of Banff we ate on the patio of the Waldhaus Pub, viewed the Bow River Falls and stopped at the train station for a few pictures. A treasured tidbit from my Mother came down the tracks, if I may?  In between taking pictures I heard a story about her and her sister from when they were teenagers.  It involved a train track, and Elsie (her sister) who had passed on only 3 weeks prior.  Another precious moment in our day trip to Banff National Park.