Preparing for cold Weather

We are getting ready to have much colder temps here in northern Indiana.  The following is an example of what my to do list looks like when frigid weather is in the forecast.

  1. Adequate supply for heat source
  • Haul wood into woodshed. It is the best feeling to have wood ready to provide warmth for coming cold.
  • Have propane tank filled.
  •  What ever your heat source make sure to have plenty of fuel to heat your dwelling

2.    Fill chicken feeders

  •  Many chicken feeders are large enough to provide feed for several days. This reduces chores in cold weather. If I am lucky it will be a bit warmer by the time they need to be filled again.

3.   Gather extra chicken waters

  • Having them ready will save time when needing to switch out while frozen ones thaw.

4.   Turn over any water tanks not in use

  • It will eventually warm up, snow will melt and water will refreeze. This may crack any plastic containers.

5.   Wash bedding for indoor dog crate

  • I do not put my short haired indoor dog outside except for the short time it takes to potty.  I wash her bedding before the cold weather hits while she is spending time outside in nice weather.

6.  Have hay delivered

  • I do not have to open large door during cold weather.  I, also, like the extra insulation hay provides for the animals in that barn.

7.  Fill water tanks

  • Full tanks mean that I have only to chop ice or use tank heater at least for a few days of cold weather.

8.  Drain water hoses

  • It seems much easier to start with drained hoses before it gets cold.  If I don’t, I find myself hauling frozen hoses into the house to thaw before I need to haul them back out to fill tanks. SO much more work, and who needs that when dealing with frigid temps and snow.

9. Check oil, radiator, wash fluid, brake fluid, and tranny fluid in cars/trucks and fill fuel tanks

I would rather do this work while the weather is warm than when the wind is blowing wind chills of -0 degrees. Plus who? wants to deal with a broken vehicle in cold weather.


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