Roots and Wings: My Favorite Holiday

Exciting!  In one week, we get to celebrate Christmas, my favorite holiday!

I was born on Christmas. It was no easy feat to even arrive. I required a forceps and broke my moms tail bone getting here. I have in years past, and may again, been unhappy with the fact that I was turning one year older, but not this year!! I am choosing to take a look back and celebrate the victory of some of what I have lived through. I am choosing to feel thankful I survived a traumatic brain injury, broken pelvic bone, among other not so serious horse wrecks and, daily, I have awakened every morning to date, despite, low sugars, struggling adrenal glands, and low thyroid. Yep! I am going to celebrate!!

I have many fond memories of Christmas.  One of the earliest, is going to my grandmas house to decorate the Christmas tree.  Memories of home made gifts from relatives.  A couple that come to mind at the moment are the cross stitched picture of a barrel racer with the words ‘dare to dream’.  Shelves made by my uncle and grandpa which still hang in my house to this day. Homemade gifts are the best kind, in my opinion.

The presence of loved ones, a few who are no longer living on earth, are the memories I cherish the most.  I carry the sound of their laughter, singing, and words of wisdom in my  heart.  Speaking of singing, a Christmas tradition I enjoy is caroling.  It is not a tradition in the sense that I go every year. But when I do, the warmth in my heart over rides the cold air, that along with insulated Muck boots and Carhartts.

My intention is to impart specific impressions into the heart of those loved near and far.  Encouragement, hope, joy,  laughter, and a knowledge of the importance the difference a relationship with a Savior makes when times get tough.  What better time of the year to sow seeds into others lives? This year I am looking for ways I can be intentional when it comes to connecting with people near and far.

There is a more important celebration than my birth happening across the world on December 25th.  Jesus, God’s only Son, entered our world all to become our Savior.  This often has me feeling my birthday pales in comparison.

I like Christmas for the gathering of relatives and for a period of time one can immerse in the reminder of what it is like to have faith.  Not in Santa, but in a God who sent His son to eventually die for me, for us all.  That is a pretty special gift wrapped up in a baby.

What are the ways you make connections with those close to your heart no matter the physical distance?  Sending cards? Gifts? Caroling? A phone call? Enjoying a meal together? Viewing Christmas lights?




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2 thoughts on “Roots and Wings: My Favorite Holiday”

  1. Candlight Christmas Eve service at church followed by Christmas light viewing and leftovers from lunch. Merry Christmas friend!!

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