Book Review: She Believes

I was given the opportunity to read She Believes as I participated on the book launch team the last half of 2016.  My heart was changed as a result of reading this book.  I began believing a bit more that I was indeed created for a purpose.

Debbie Lindell shares how we are created uniquely, each one of us. From the amazing details that must occur in order for a human to arrive to all of the variations that could be. Yet here we are and specifically who we are for a purpose. Pretty amazing when one stops to think about it.

Written for women, Debbie shares her own self esteem struggles.  Based on believing the lie, “I am not enough.” I identified with that.  How refreshing to know I am not alone in this struggle. She leads her readers to the antidote for overcoming this limiting belief.



Topics include prayer, leadership, wisdom.   Drawing on scripture and quotes Debbie encourages and teaches on there importance as part of ones relationship with God.  She shares real life examples from her life.

She Believes encouraged me to remember the importance of my relationship with the Lord and how I am a work in progress.  How a persons chosen attitude impacts productivity in all areas of life.  Peace is found inside, no matter the circumstances.  Light and darkness share the good intentions of our Creator.

This book encouraged and taught me my importance to my Savior and Creator.  Reminded of truth from God’s word I found myself strengthened. When Debbie revealed the struggle she went through while writing this book, my heart believed in a deeper level how God can sustain me and use me no matter our circumstances.  If you would like your own copy click here.

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